Heavy duty liquid warewashing machine detergent

High performance cleaning power.

• Electronic dispensing system gives precision dosing for optimum results at the lowest in-use cost.

• Topmatic contains special water conditioning agents to help reduce spotting and streaking.

• Topmatic strips away heavy grease, protein and starch food soils that ordinary detergent can miss.

Concentrated cleaning action breaks down stubborn soils

Topmatic is a non-abrasive, non-viscous, high alkaline liquid detergent formulation. It breaks down the though, stubborn food soils, greases and oils that ordinary detergents can miss. Use Topmatic to virtually eliminate rejects.

Helps reduce spotting and streaking

Topmatic contains water conditioning ingredients to help reduce spotting and streaking. It helps

eliminate hard water film and lime deposits. Promotes free rinsing and rapid drying.

Specially frmulated for institutional use

When use directed, Topmatic is safe for use on institiutional china, glassware, stainless steel and

silver flatware and plasticware. It is not recommended for use on soft metals such as aluminium.

Convenient, economical dispensing

Topmatic is designed for use with liquid dispensing systems. Because it is pumped directly from the shipping container, rehandling, measuring, spillage and misuse are eliminated. And automatic dispensing assures economical use cost. 

Product Detail

Pack Format                                                             20 L and 5 L PE jug