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We are the reassuring name of quality service with our product that add value to your business,
our experienced team and our supply chain solutions

Your Reputable and Reliable Business Partner

The reputation we gained by our principled attitude on the path we set off in order to contribute to the commercial life of our country as Yiğitoğlu constitutes the base of our success. Our family, which started its commercial activities in 1956, has added its activities in the field of “chemicals” to its accretions it matured by its efforts in 1986. The services and products we offer in two basic categories, being “Professional Cleaning Products and Systems” and “Chemical Product Groups”, ensured that the name Yiğitoğlu is used synonym with quality and reliance.


Yiğitoğlu targets with its employees to become an institution, which will along with its products and quality also provide continuous benefits by its working methods and values, which is a symbol for quality and reliance and aims to be a company, which addresses the world market by its sustainable development.

Our Service Points

Beside our headquarters in Istanbul, we are continuously expanding our service networks by our regional directorates and warehouses in Çorlu, Antalya, Izmir, Mersin and Bursa, and in addition, our office in the Province Shanghai in China.

Strong Logistics Network

We provide our customers with 7 warehouses with smart storage technology and 85,000 sqm storage capacity located in the important industrial zones in Turkey, our delivery vehicles certified by the Ministry for Transportation and bearing the ADR certificate timely, qualitative and secure delivery by storing the products in hygienic environments in accordance with the precision required by the sector.

Human Resources

One of the most important assets of Yiğitoğlu is the human power. And increasing the qualified labour force is one of the basic targets. With this approach; it targets to put weight on women's employment with a human focussed management and by working with the sense for a family, to manage the processes by ensuring employee satisfaction and team spirit focussed, by establishing the increasing number of its employees proportional with its growth targets, who have adopted the organization's vision, highly loyal, virtuous and honest.

Why Yiğitoğlu?

It has a rooted history of 60 years, passed without compromising from honesty, full of innovations in the business world.
It offers qualitative and reliable products and services with its ethic business sense.
It is supplied by the world’s best raw material producers.
Its rapid, qualitative and reliable delivery.
Its strong financial structure and technical infrastructure.
It deems its stakeholders as its “partners”.
Its engineer based, specialist staff, which is experienced in its field.
Its high storage capacity with smart storage technology.
Its selection of human and environmental health compliant, qualitative materials and equipments.