Wetrok Duomatic Laser – 75 LRS ( Long Running System )

Duomatic Laser – LRS ( Long Running System )
Due to this new generation machine; the aim is to save time, unnecessary chemical product usage and energy.
LRS (Long Running System) provides the opportunity to clean for approximately 4,5 hours with an accumulator that is fully charged. Also, due to this new generation system, you will be able to clean approximately 5.800 m2 area with one tank (80 lt.) solution water. It provides a notable decrease in the consumption of consumables and auxiliary parts (washing brush, vacuum rubbers, vacuum and brush motors) while making effective cleaning, and thus it provides minimum utilization cost for you.


Product Detail

Approximate cleaning performance 3750 m2 / hour
Operation width 750 ( 2*375 ) mm
Driving Motor 400 watt
Brush Motor Performance 700 watt
Bursh cycle speed 180 cyc / min
Vacuum Motor Power 500 watt
Volume of Clean Water Tank 80 I
Volume of Dirty Water Tank 80 I
Operational Weight 357 kg
Accumulator 24 / 180 V / Ah
Accumulator Use Period 4,5 hour
Maximum Brush Pressure 0,24 N/ cm2
Speed Forward 5 km/ hour
Noise Level 68 / 70 dB
Turning Cycle 1450 mm
Maximum Climbing 0,08