Wetrok Discomatic Tango

High Performance, Suitable for Forward and Backwards Bi-directional Operation. Has unrivaled maneuver and cleaning performance in wide and small areas. Extended use and freely rechargeable due to its lithium-ion accumulator system- Also new generation system that removes the necessity to wait until the accumulator completely recharges. In summary; Small. Powerful. Elegant. 

Product Detail

Approximate cleaning performance 1000 m2 / hour
Operation widt 340 mm
Brush Motor 2*100 watt
Bursh cycle speed 200 cyc./ minute
Vacuum Motor Power 300 watt
Vacuum Power 90 mbar
Brush Pressure 0,3 - 12 N/cm2 - kg.
Volume of Clean Water Tank 9 lt
Volume of Dirty Water Tank 13 lt
Operational Weight 49 kg
Accumulator (Li-ion) 24V / 20 Ah.
Accumulator Use Period 1,5 hours
Accumulator Charge Period 1,5 hours