A holistic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Yiğitoğlu, we consider being sensitive to CSR and sustainability as being part of our DNA.

With our ‘Responsible Transformation Project’, we defined clear qualitative and quantitative objectives to work on for the next 5 years. We believe that sustainability is a never-ending process, thus our strategy is to define precise, measurable targets for the near future.

Our efforts are divided into 4 different pillars.

1. Environment

2. Labor and Human Rights

3. Ethics

4. Sustainable Procurement

Considering that we are right in the middle of the supply chain, our role is to make sure to find and provide sustainable products for our business partners. It is important to look at the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a product or service over its entire life cycle. Our role in the supply chain allows us to have a major influence on a product/service’s life cycle as the selection of raw materials can define up to 90% of a company’s sustainability impact.

Acting as a bridge between external and internal stakeholders, we can make sure to fulfill the sustainability requirements that need action in the supply chain, and we are hoping to do so for many years to come.



Why Yiğitoğlu?

It has a rooted history of 60 years, passed without compromising from honesty, full of innovations in the business world.
It offers qualitative and reliable products and services with its ethic business sense.
It is supplied by the world’s best raw material producers.
Its rapid, qualitative and reliable delivery.
Its strong financial structure and technical infrastructure.
It deems its stakeholders as its “partners”.
Its engineer based, specialist staff, which is experienced in its field.
Its high storage capacity with smart storage technology.
Its selection of human and environmental health compliant, qualitative materials and equipments.